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About us


We are from Sweden. We have had the enormous honor of working with pedagogy all over the world since 1986. We have worked with linguistics - language learning, with chemistry, with design, with mathematics, with primary schools and with adult education, with school management and teaching.


We have seen how different countries succeed and fail with their schools.

WE have seen that by succeeding in engaging the children in their own learning, they become wonderfully engaged in school and with the basic subjects of language, mathematics and the natural sciences but also in everything else. Learning gets a meaning, a purpose, a relevance.

We have seen that children love to solve problems and that they love to be challenged and to be respected as genuine problem solvers.

We want our children to deserve the best conditions for their future. Success is based on thinking for ourselves and outside the box and our competence to solve complex problems.


We wish to convey this to you! And we want to share our knowledge and learning materials that are based on the pedagogy we have chosen to call Jonathan's Pedagogy!

We want everyone to succeed, for everyone's future!

We want our children to become real Knowledge Masters!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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