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Everything from starting new schools to structuring and improving existing teaching processes and supporting leadership in change and improvement work. We share our expertise and experience from leading international schools.

Maija Möller leads this consultancy. Maija has long-term experience in school management at the highest level, as an international school consultant but also as a teacher.

Our team consists of international top teachers, experts in their fields.

Some of vour services:

  • Help start a new school

  • Organizational structure

  • Systematic quality work

  • Change work

  • Training of teachers and principals

  • Resource allocation

  • Implementation of a common pedagogy

  • Parenting strategies

  • Board work

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Etc.


Maija Moller

Global School Consultant & Founder

Maija Möller, global school consultant based in Dubai, former principal Fredrikshovs Slotts School and Campus Manilla. Since 2016, Maija has trained in Singapore and implemented this pedagogy in schools all over the world. In 2018, Maija was awarded the "Better School" quality award by SIQ - the Institute for Quality Development, which highlights schools that conduct exemplary quality work and can serve as role models for other schools to be inspired by. Since 2021, Maija has been working as a school consultant for some of the world's leading schools.

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Karl Johan Bertilsson

CEO & Founder

Karl is one of the founders of MK Center AB. He is originally a linguist and specializes in the learning of a second or foreign language. Karl founded and ran a language school in Mexico 1987 - 1997. From 1997, Karl changed his path and focused on the science of color communication, which he still works on through his company MRKRL AB. He has worked in more than 70 countries training adults in language, in color communication and since 2014 in primary school pedagogy.

In 2014, Karl worked in Singapore and there came into contact with their pedagogues in the primary school. Then and there, Karl decided to train in this pedagogy in order to convey this knowledge to other teachers and schools. His knowledge and experience in language learning and in the artistic world has greatly contributed to the overall understanding of early years learning.

Karl speaks 4 languages and is a very experienced and sought-after lecturer all over the world.

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Brandon Oh

Educator, Singapore

Brandon has a master's degree in mathematics education and has 25 years of experience in education. He is an accomplished trainer, published author and educational consultant. Brandon writes teaching materials, creates professional development materials, and develops teaching and teacher resources.

He conducts workshops for teachers locally and internationally and offers consulting services to schools, ministries of education and private organizations. His expertise spans curriculum development, content and teaching methods in mathematics and science, including recent projects involving the revision of national mathematics curricula for Azerbaijan and Qatar.

Prior to his current role, Brandon served as a senior educator at Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) for 13 years.

Brandon has initiated and led large-scale projects, training programs and workshops to improve the quality of education.

Wendy Yeo

Educator, Singapore

Wendy Yeo is a Singapore-based educator with 22 years of experience specializing in mathematics at the primary school level. She has solid experience with other educators, parents and students through many mathematics workshops that she has conducted locally and globally.

An avid maths lover for a lifelong learner, Wendy continues to share her passion for mathematics after leaving Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2010.

She works with organizations and book publishers as a mathematics specialist trainer to improve co-teachers' professional mastery and pedagogical skills. Wendy has trained teachers in Sweden, Colombia, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines. Wendy helps teachers from these countries achieve the understanding of Singapore's approach to pedagogy.

Wendy also continues to inspire as a committed school teacher at a school in Singapore. Her dual roles empower her

further by constantly being updated and practicing the everyday realities.

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