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No! We have not invented a new pedagogy! However, we have chosen to have a collective name for all our learnings, insights and experiences.  We have chosen to call these "Jonathan's Pedagogik" with inspiration from the book about the seagull Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

After many years of training, knowledge and experience from some of the world's leading schools and countries like Singapore, we at MK Center want to share what we believe is a key to creating success in our primary schools and our teaching. 

We want to convey all this with this unique course that we believe is unparalleled! 


It contains everything you teachers need: the best practices, strategies, tools and much more…


Your students will be able to reach a high academic level, develop their most important abilities and be prepared for the challenges of the future. Those of you who teach in this way will contribute to making our world a better place to live.


Regardless of which learning materials and pedagogy you use, this course is highly relevant to take! Afteryour completed course you will be able to meet each student at their level and arouse motivation and interest in your subject.


You will never again have to think about how to set up your lesson. You will learn that in the course!

The course:

The course consists of 6 parts + a shorter free introduction. The course is open for 3 months so you can come back as often as you like.


Here you get an overview of the content of the course, the background and a little more about who Jonathan Livingston Seagull is!

Total approx. 8 minute film



In this part of the course, you will find out who we are, what the background to the course is, we share our lessons and experiences as well as our conclusions about how to meet the challenges of the future. We tell you about the structure of the course and give you a taste of some challenging and fun exercises.

Total approx. 25 minute film

SEK 90 incl. subsectionpp


In this part, we will tell you about the research theories on which Jonathan's Pedagogy rests. It is important for you as a teacher to understand the scientific foundations. 

Total approx. 1 hour, 15 minute movie

SEK 490 incl. VAT


After this part, you will know exactly how each lesson should be set up and implemented. We will also make sure to include the 4K in every step.

And then we do exercises!

Total approx. 1 hour, 25 minute movie

SEK 490 incl. VAT

Course parts 4 - 6



We immerse ourselves in how to work with problem solving in mathematics. We show different strategies for problem solving that help you support students to solve the most advanced text tasks.

Total approx. 24 minute film

SEK 190 incl. VAT

Bar 10 + 2.png

In this part, we show different visualization models. Visualization is an important part of problem solving. We mention different models but we mostly focus on the most common and famous model which is The block model. You will learn everything about this model and do many different exercises.

Total approx. 1 hour, 50 minute movie

SEK 490 incl. VAT


The last part is about the different strategies we can choose from to solve different problems. You will learn all 12 different strategies and practice them all.

Total approx. 1 hour, 25 minute movie

SEK 490 incl. VAT


SEK 1,490 incl. VAT!

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